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Phone Advisory Service

Consultation with a Construction Advisor Pricing / Buy Now

You no longer have to linger with a problem or rely on inexperience advice when the need arises. You have a building expert right at your telephone. A toll free call puts you directly in touch with a home construction advisor.

It's a quick, inexpensive and a reassuring means for solving problems with knowledgeable advice and guidance provided by skilled home building advisors. Most issues are solved within 15 minutes.

You will be speaking live with a construction advisor. To affirm a skillful response, your advisor is supported by a construction supervisor, who at the time of need will conference in with you and your advisor's conversation. Note: Conference phone time is not calculated to your charges. (Other words, conference time is free)

If your "issue" is not solved at the time of your initial call, your query will be researched and you'll receive a prompt reply. There are no charges for research time or for the return call.

This is a great value for solving most problems with an expert for less than $25.00.

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