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Designing Your New Home (Developing A House Floor Plan)

Determining Home Size Square Footage

Knowing what your new home will cost, you'll want to translate that figure into the approximate square footage of your new home. This will help you with the home shopping process.

There are two options to obtain the square footage. One has to go through the process of educating himself on home prices versus square footage costs. This is done by visiting a number of model homes, asking many questions and keeping score. The other option is to use the formula guide found in our guidebook. It will walk you through this process. In addition to being quick and easy, you'll avoid possible missteps.

If choosing the first alternative, begin by separating the home price from the cost of the building site. Then separate the building site from the improvement costs. These will consist of sanitary and water improvements, extraordinary grading, ground fill removal or bought in, driveway, etc.

Now you can shop and compare apples to apples for each of the three groups. The big challenge will be to establish what is standard and what is optional for each home. You will find that home builders vary as to what is standard and optional. (See related article in guidebook.) You may never get a precise figure, but should be able to arrive at a ballpark price.

In our Building Marketplace , you'll find excellent sites on house designs, floor plans and amenities. For instance, click on the Architects button. There are sites that will walk you through the process of designing a home and house floor plans to meet your square footage and other requirements. To enhance your dreams, there are nearly 400 site links at our Building Marketplace to find almost everything imaginable for your new home.

A Free House Plan Offer

We'll even go one step further. If you are interested in a 3200 sq. ft. French Colonial style house plan, we'll give it to you FREE. That's right, it won't cost you a penny. This is not just a pdf or image file, it ALSO includes a CAD file. The CAD file is what's used by desginers, engineers, draftsman, and architect when the draw and edit blue prints and design layouts. To learn more about this plan and how to get it FREE, please click the link below.

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